Deck and Patio Ideas that Will Help You Stick with Your Budget 

Wanting an addition to your home does not necessarily mean you should overspend. Here are some ideas to help you stick with your budget! 

1. Pallet Deck 

A pallet is a good material for those that want to explore their creative side. A pallet is also a good option for those that want to stick with an easy and quick process. Pallets are also good if you want to build chairs and tables for your deck or patio as well. So if ever you are looking for a material that can go a long way and you can be versatile with without trading of creativity, pallets should be in your list of materials. 

2. Floating Deck 

Floating decks are made of lumber frames. If you are going for this type of deck, you can definitely mix it with other wood to achieve a more creative outcome. 

3. Deck Revamp 

If you already have a deck in your home, you can definitely save up some of your budget if you choose to revamp it instead of replacing it fully. If there are damaged areas, simply replace those with the same materials and grab some paint to make it come to life. 

4. Daybed 

Patios and decks are known to be built because homeowners want somewhere they can lounge and be comfortable in outside of their homes. A good idea to achieve that purpose is to build a daybed. You might think it will carve out your budget however having a daybed for your patio or deck does not mean you need to buy one. Do you have an old couch that you stocked in your garage? Replace the cover of the couch and grab some pillows and you have a daybed for your patio without emptying out your pocket. 

5. Gravel Patch 

Did you know that you can always use gravel and stand out of the norm? Patios and decks don’t always have to be in a platform made of wood or concrete or even pebbles. You can always be creative if you want to and if you are on a budget. A gravel patch is a good way to really save money if you don’t want to spend on a luxurious patio or deck. You can also incorporate grass to make it more attractive and a canopy for shelter. 

6. Concrete 

Want to know what you can do with concrete? Concrete or paving stones also creates a good deck or patio. If you want a more creative way to do it, add some color to stain them to life and explore more through incorporating making patterns. Pavement and patio Frisco can definitely help in this idea. Connect with them through 

7. Cabana 

You don’t necessarily need to be part of the patio squad. Stand out by making a cabana instead and spend more time appreciating the sky. If ever you have spare wood in your backyard, make use of it. Match those wooden pillars with curtains you no longer use and you already have a vacation! 


There are plenty ways to save up while doing something to add value to your home. It doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of money! Just explore your creative side and anything can be possible! 

Crucial Roofing Tips

It is pretty understandable that there’s often a desire to fix your own roofing problems. This is particularly true if the problem appears to be a small one. Because of this, homeowners develop a particular skill over time that helps them identify if they can handle the issue themselves or it is time to contact roofing companies Bay City MI.

In either situation, thinking properly and using common sense and intelligence to an issue can save you a lot of stress, fix the issue, and save you a lot of money. If you really are more of a DIY-person, here are several vital roofing tips that you can use:

Ice and Water Shield Installation

This tip is extremely relevant to people living in cold areas. It is crucial to ensure that the drip edge is adequately covered by the waterproof membranes. This is particularly true if you have a flat roof since this type of roof is prone to water buildup. The membranes should provide a smooth stream off of the roof to prevent water from leaking underneath and generating issues.

Examine Your Valleys, Boots, and Flashing

You should find metal flashing and rubber boots that protect areas that are prone to leaking if your roof has been installed properly. These areas include skylights, roof valleys, and chimneys. Because nothing is really eternal, there is a possibility that a couple of these precautionary materials will fail in the future. The culprit is often the very thing that’s meant to be protecting your roof. Thus, you should always think about this every time you are checking your roof.

Avoid Dry Rot

There’s a quite high possibility that it has been caused by dry rot if you ever see a sagging and unappealing roof. Usually, dry rot is a result of poor ventilation. The sagging places a strain on the shingles whenever the plywood rots like this. This will cause them to crack and bend. Aside from dry rot, you’ll eventually be dealing with wet leaks if the integrity of the shingles is compromised.

Fortunately, you can easily prevent this problem if you install vapor barriers and ridge vents. However, you have to call the professionals if you already have dry rot in your roof.

Always Be Careful

You might be tempted to get your ladder and fix the issue right away if you are experiencing a small leak during a storm. However, that is not an excellent move. Keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to safely maneuver on your roof, even if the conditions are normal. You are obviously putting yourself at risk if you add potentially strong winds and slippery roof to the equation. Also, the risk is improved during winter since ice is involved in the condition. Before you take action, it is best that you wait until the storm has died down and the roof is dry.

If the leak is minor, a small bucket is enough to catch the leak. It is also more ideal if you have a bigger bucket in hand.