Insulation Projects for Your Home

A home that’s energy-efficient has a high ROI (Return on Investment). Aside from getting respect for the homeowner for making the wise decision, an energy-efficient house also saves energy and adds comfort. Of course, these things can easily appeal to potential homebuyers looking for the best value.

A house that is energy-efficient save almost 33% on utility bills. You can easily add greater convenience and comfort to your house by simply investing a bit of effort, money, and time on spray foam insulation Salem Oregon.

Insulation Projects


Typically, older homes aren’t as well-insulated as the newly constructed ones since building codes before never required high R-value. Walls that aren’t insulated properly can make uncomfortable houses that lead to expensive utility bills. A couple of house improvements can make a huge difference. You can call energy experts to improve wall-insulation with the correct materials. This will help keep you and your family protected from severe weather conditions.


The basement has a tendency to keep humidity and moisture. However, oftentimes, it’s a neglected area. The area will invite mildew and mold, recurrent illnesses and allergies, and consequent discomfort if it isn’t properly insulated.

If you want to improve the value of your house, you should think about using the space better. You can transform it into a library, den, home theatre, or guest bedroom to add more value to your home. However, you have to insulate it first.


The correct material can make a huge difference. Around 24% of the heating of your house escapes through a roof that is not insulated. Because of this, a poorly insulated roof ends up using more energy. Over the previous years, fiberglass attic was in high demand since they are affordable and can offer high ROI. Aside from that, it lowers utility bills by a huge percentage.

Insulate Your Home Properly

A house that is well-insulated acts as a thermal resistor. It properly controls room temperature and airflow through the seasons. Looking at your utility bills is one way to know if your house is properly insulated. Are they constantly increasing? If you want to make your house comfortable, do you have to use more energy? If the answer is yes, then you have to upgrade your insulation. Aside from being energy-efficient, a house that is properly insulated can lower humidity and noise.

Better R-Value

It is crucial to have high R-value if you want to have effective home insulation. The thermal resistance of ceilings, doors, walls, and windows is measured in R-value. Your house will have better insulation if the R-value is high.

An expert energy auditor can help you measure the amount of energy needed to control cooling and heating in your house, from your basement up to the attic. These professionals examine the insulation and the density and thickness of the material to know if they meet the suggested R-value of your location. Your noise, humidity, and energy bills will be lowered drastically if your home meets the required R-value of the area.

Crucial Roofing Tips

It is pretty understandable that there’s often a desire to fix your own roofing problems. This is particularly true if the problem appears to be a small one. Because of this, homeowners develop a particular skill over time that helps them identify if they can handle the issue themselves or it is time to contact roofing companies Bay City MI.

In either situation, thinking properly and using common sense and intelligence to an issue can save you a lot of stress, fix the issue, and save you a lot of money. If you really are more of a DIY-person, here are several vital roofing tips that you can use:

Ice and Water Shield Installation

This tip is extremely relevant to people living in cold areas. It is crucial to ensure that the drip edge is adequately covered by the waterproof membranes. This is particularly true if you have a flat roof since this type of roof is prone to water buildup. The membranes should provide a smooth stream off of the roof to prevent water from leaking underneath and generating issues.

Examine Your Valleys, Boots, and Flashing

You should find metal flashing and rubber boots that protect areas that are prone to leaking if your roof has been installed properly. These areas include skylights, roof valleys, and chimneys. Because nothing is really eternal, there is a possibility that a couple of these precautionary materials will fail in the future. The culprit is often the very thing that’s meant to be protecting your roof. Thus, you should always think about this every time you are checking your roof.

Avoid Dry Rot

There’s a quite high possibility that it has been caused by dry rot if you ever see a sagging and unappealing roof. Usually, dry rot is a result of poor ventilation. The sagging places a strain on the shingles whenever the plywood rots like this. This will cause them to crack and bend. Aside from dry rot, you’ll eventually be dealing with wet leaks if the integrity of the shingles is compromised.

Fortunately, you can easily prevent this problem if you install vapor barriers and ridge vents. However, you have to call the professionals if you already have dry rot in your roof.

Always Be Careful

You might be tempted to get your ladder and fix the issue right away if you are experiencing a small leak during a storm. However, that is not an excellent move. Keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to safely maneuver on your roof, even if the conditions are normal. You are obviously putting yourself at risk if you add potentially strong winds and slippery roof to the equation. Also, the risk is improved during winter since ice is involved in the condition. Before you take action, it is best that you wait until the storm has died down and the roof is dry.

If the leak is minor, a small bucket is enough to catch the leak. It is also more ideal if you have a bigger bucket in hand.

Things to Consider When Fixing Your Driveway

Your driveway’s appearance produces the first impression for your business or house. A beautiful driveway with curb appeal adds value to your property since it’s the focal point for visitors and passersby. It’s crucial to pay attention to a couple of aspects that relate to both function and design when planning for driveway repair.

Here are several things to consider when starting your driveway repair project:

Right Drainage

If your driveway has poor drainage, it will need more repairs and maintenance. It will also have a shorter lifespan. Keep in mind that the integrity and materials of a driveway are compromised by standing water. These will result in holes and cracks that need immediate driveway repair over time.

A driveway needs at least a 2% slope, even in flat areas. It will also require at least ¼ inch per foot of crown for right drainage.

Subgrade Surface Preparation

In any driveway installation, one crucial component is the subgrade. It is usually the platform for the driveway. Aside from choosing the right materials, the contractor should treat, grade, and compact the subgrade using a soil sterilizer. This will help avoid the growth of vegetation in the future. A professional contractor will assess the whole driveway place for any soft areas.

Thickness and Width of Asphalt Paving

In a couple of states, there are extremely specific rules relating to acceptable thickness and width levels of driveways. For instance, in several states, a single-car driveway is required to have at least 8-10 feet of width. On the other hand, a two-car driveway is required to have at least 12 feet. However, for comfortably opening car doors, 20 feet is ideal.

The thickness of the driveway will depend on the materials used and the conditions of the subgrade. Thus, professionals will recommend you the right ones. You’ve got to ensure that any thickness levels of the asphalt agreed to are of the required compacted thickness before you sign any contract.

Placement of Driveway Construction

Helping improve and maintain the natural aesthetics of your landscape is another advantage of working with professional contractors. Existing landscaping, rocks, and trees can be preserved, while your driveway can be designed strategically to adapt to the existing terrain. You can also help avoid cracks and penetration in the future in the asphalt if you keep the driveway some distance from shrubs and trees.

Hire a Reliable Contractor

Hiring an expert contractor is vital in any construction or repair projects. You should always be wary of door-to-door contractors since they can be a scammer. If you want to guarantee high-quality results, you have to use a reliable asphalt company with stern installation methods, procedures, and specifications.

You have to confirm that the company has the right liability insurance coverage. Furthermore, you have to choose a company with an excellent reputation in your area. Asking friends and family is a simple way to look for a trusted driveway contractor. You should also obtain at least 3 quotes from different contractors. Usually, you should not go for the cheapest one.

Techniques to Get a Better Oxygen Source in Your Home

It is hard to live in a place that is very small and there is no ventilation in there where you could inhale better source of the air or even just a wind coming from the outside part of the house. This will give you a hard time to sleep and even to think properly because you are lacking oxygen which would help you to think properly and clearly all the time and this could cause some problems in your body system like the lungs and the different organs such as the heart. It is the same thing even when the scenario or the weather condition starts to change as you need to prepare for your heating and air, Pittsburgh PA to avoid some troubles especially when you know that it is coming sooner or later in your city.

Of course, this is not limited to those people who are unhealthy only as even the healthiest member of your family would need to have a better source of the air or commonly known as the air quality or else, he or she would be sick every time. Here are some of the techniques that you could use to get a better oxygen or the air quality inside your home and make sure that it is always the best one.

Opening your windows could be the easiest and the fastest way for you to do now as it would help you to get the fresher air inside your house by doing this one and you can do this one every morning or evening as long as you have the screen in your windows so that the insects would not get inside as well. It is a nice idea as well when you are cooking food in your kitchen as you don’t want the odor of the food that you are making would stay around the house or in that room, so you could open the window to let the smell of it to go out and get some better air instead. Just remember the time that you have opened it and make sure to close this one when it is raining as you don’t want the water to get inside of the room or else it would create some molds which could be very unhealthy and harmful for your health.

Others would have an exhaust fan in their bathroom as this could be the best way to remove the unpleasant smell when you are using the toilet or when you are having a bad stomachache now. Of course, it should not be removed from your list the nicest thing to do which is to have some plants inside your room or house as it helps to regulate the amount of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide in your home. Others would turn on their air conditioner when they are feeling that it is getting hotter in the room or they don’t feel comfortable due to the high level of humidity.

Tips to Avoid Damage Caused by Ice Dams

Ice dams are developed by a ridge of ice that shapes at the roof’s edge. The ridge starts in a form of melting snow that’s running down a roof until it freezes and gets over cold spots. This ice dam, or ice ridge, stop melting snow to run off the roof, pooling it up to begin the dam as it works under the shingles roofing over time. It could also happen even down into the property, where it could become a source of particular damage to furniture, walls, ceilings, and insulation. Thankfully, you can prevent subsequent damage caused by ice dams. Check out the beneficial tips below according to the roofing experts:

Guarantee that your attic is insulated well

The warm air coming from your home that transfers into your attic could increase the temperature of your roof’s underside sufficient enough to begin melting snow, specifically once combined with a warm climate. Determine your attic insulation’s recommended “R-value” in your climate zone and guarantee that yours is similarly high. Block off and insulate any openings into your attic.

Ensure adequate attic ventilation

Proper ventilation can help maintain the temperature of your attic, which is the same as that of the exterior air and cools your roof’s underside, which prevents snow to melt. Guarantee that the space above your soffits is not obstructed by insulation and the soffits enable outside air to get in. A roof overhang of more than 12 in. must give sufficient space for inlet vents. Sufficient ventilation on your upper attic can help guarantee a continuous and proper airflow, which is required as well. Normally, either individual roof vents or continuous ridge vents will give this upper ventilation.

Secure your roof

Installing ice shields or drip edges at your eaves can direct water right into your gutters and your roof. To keep the water out of your roof and gutters, make sure to install a waterproofing membrane near your roof’s lower edge, which extends back from the edge approximately 24 inches. Ice shields or waterproof membranes are usually a requirement in the building code. Also, what’s great is the fact that they can prevent roof damage.

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